Welcome to LEAP Clinic

Whether you are seeking advice about common childhood or teen stressors or developmental transitions, or your concern is related to the psychological health of your child, LEAP Clinic can help.

Our team of experienced, caring, and highly skilled professionals specializes in providing effective, evidence-based assessment and therapy for children, teens, young adults, and families. Our consultation services help parents make sense of puzzling behaviours and help strengthen the parent-child (or parent-teen) relationship. We have expertise in working with educators to maximize learning and positive development.


Our services include:

Counselling for Children and Youth
Individual Therapy
Family Therapy
Parent Consultation
School Consultation
Parenting Workshops
Educator and Clinical Training Workshops
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What are the signs that my child/teen might need professional help?

Avoidance or disruption to routine activities
Changes in sleeping or eating
Excessive worries and anxiety

Unusual fears

Aggressive behaviour
Conflict with peers and/or difficulty making and keeping friends
Social withdrawal
Tantrums and excessive/intense emotional upsets
Low mood or persistent sadness
Frequent stomachaches, headaches or other physical complaints
School refusal
Reduced academic functioning and/or significant upset at school
Excessive accommodation by parents
Increased family stress
Disordered eating and restricted eating (including ARFID)

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