Resources We Like 


The F.O.R.C.E. Society for Kids’ Mental Health
A provincial organization that provides families with an opportunity to speak with other families who understand and may be able to offer support or advice on what has worked for them, also video presentations on various topics.

The Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre
A provincial resource centre that provides mental health and substance use information, resources, and peer support to children, youth and their families from across BC. Includes a section on the different Types of Therapies children and youth may receive.

A nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase awareness and education of anxiety disorders, increase access to evidence-based treatment, and to encourage and develop new treatments and delivery. Includes resources for parents, youth, and educators. Check out the free Mindshift app for anxious youth

BC Children’s Hospital Resource Center will ship resources like books and DVDs to families within BC
OCDBC. A parent advocacy group dedicated to increasing awareness and support for OCD

BC Mental Health and Substance Use information

Parent Support Services Society of BC

Learning Disabilities Association of Vancouver

The Autism Society of British Columbia is non-profit organization supporting parents of children with autism

BC Safer Schools for Gender Inclusivity in BC Schools
Transhealth Information for Parents and Caregivers on Transgender Health

VSB document on Gifted/LD (or “2E”) in the classroom


Online Resources:

Mindfulness for Teens: Many helpful audio recordings for guided mindfulness exercises and visualizations (created by Dr. Vo at BC Children’s Hospital)

Dartmouth College Relaxation Exercises: Downloadable mp3 files of a variety of relaxation exercises.

GoZen: a paid online program to help children with anxiety, includes cute instructional videos and guidance for parents.

Understood: Tips and Ideas to help support children with learning and attention-related challenges

SENG: Helping Parents and Educators understand and Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG)

ABC’s of Mental Health: Lots of tips and resources for dealing with anxiety in the classroom

Hey Sigmund: Many good articles on how to parent and support and anxious child/teen.

Aha Parenting: Dr. Laura Markham (psychologist and author) parenting tips and insight into many challenges divided by ages, from newborns to young adulthood

Kids in the House: a ton of short videos of experts on any parenting and child-related topic you can imagine.

Wilson, R. & Lyons, L. Playing With Anxiety: Casey’s Guide for Teens and Kids – a free downloadable book 


Books on Child/Youth Anxiety and Related Issues (for Parents/Caregivers)

Cohen, Lawrence J. (2013) The Opposite of Worry: The Playful Parenting Approach to Childhood Anxiety and Fears

Coyne, L. (2009) The Joy of Parenting: An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Guide to Effective Parenting in the Early Years.

Eisen, A.R. & Engler, L.B. (2006). Helping Your Child Overcome Separation Anxiety or School Refusal: A Step-By-Step Guide for Parents.New Harbinger.

Foa, E.B., & Andrews, L.W. (2006). If Your Adolescent Has an Anxiety Disorder: An Essential Resource for Parents. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Landsman, K.J., Rupertus, K.M., & Pedrick, C. (2005). Loving Someone With OCD: Help For Your and Your Family.

Lebowitz, E.R., & Omer, H. (2013). Treating Childhood and Adolescent Anxiety: A Guide for Caregivers. For a better understanding of what Cognitive Behavioural Therapy-based treatment might involve, and ideas how to support in conjunction with treatment.

March, J.S. (2006). Talking Back to OCD.

McCurry, Christopher (2009). Parenting your Anxious Child with Mindfulness and Acceptance

Rapee, R.M., Spence, S.H., & Wignall, A. (2008). Helping Your Anxious Child: A Step-by-Step Guide for Parents.

Shapiro, L. (2009). The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook for Kids: Help for Kids to Cope with Stress, Anxiety, and Transitions. Oakland CA: New Harbinger Press.

Sisemore, T. (2007) I Bet I Won’t Fret: A Workbook to Help Children with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Press.

Willard, C. (2014). Mindfulness for Teen Anxiety: A Workbook for Overcoming Anxiety at Home, at School, and Everywhere Else.

Wilson, R & Lyons, L. (2013). Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents: 7 Ways to Stop the Worry Cycle and Raise Confident and Courageous Kids.

Books that talk about worries, fears, and anxiety (for Children/Youth)

Adelson, J. & Wilson, H. (2009). Letting Go of Perfect: Overcoming Perfectionism in Kids and Teens.

Alter, R. & Clarke, C. (2016). The Anxiety Workbook for Kids: Take Charge of Fears and Worries Using the Gift of Imagination.

Buron, K.D. (2006). When My Worries Get too Big: A Relaxation Book for Children who live with Anxiety.

Chansky. T.E. (2001). Freeing Your Child from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Chansky, T.E. (2008) Freeing Your Child from Negative Thinking.

Chansky, T.E. (2014). Freeing Your Child from Anxiety (Revised and Updated Edition).

Ciarrochi, J. (2012). Get Out of Your Mind Get Into Your Life for Teens: A Guide to Living and Extrodinary Life.

Cook, J, (X). Wilma Jean and the Worry Machine. (for 3-8 year olds)

Crist, J.J. (2004). What to do When You’re Scared and Worried: A Guide for Kids.

Elliot, M., & Adderholdt, M. (1999). Perfectionism: What’s Bad about Being Too Good (Revised).

Green, A. (2001). Don’t Feed The Worry Bug.

Harris, R. & Aisbett, B. (2014). The Illustrated Happiness Trap: How to Stop Struggling and Start Living.

Huebner, D. (2005). What to do When you Worry too Much: A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety.

Huebner, D. (2007). What to do When your Brain Gets Stuck: A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming OCD.

Huebner, D. (2008). What to do When you Dread Your Bed: A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Problems with Sleep.

Huebner, D. (2008). What to do When Bad Habits Take Hold: A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Nail Biting and More.

Karst, P. (2000). The Invisible String. (separation anxiety)

Penn, A. (2006). The Kissing Hand (separation anxiety)

Schab, L.M. (2008). The Anxiety Workbook for Teens: Activities to Help you Deal with Anxiety and Worry

Sedley. B. (2017) Stuff that Sucks: A Teen’s Guide to Accepting What You Can’t Change and Committing to What you Can.

Tompkins, M.A. & Martinez, K.A. (2009). My Anxious Mind: A Teen’s Guide to Managing Anxiety and Panic.

Vail, R. (2011). Justin Case: School, Drool, and Other Daily Disasters.

Wilson, R. & Lyons, L. Playing With Anxiety: Casey’s Guide for Teens and Kids – a free downloadable book

Wolff, F. (2005). Is a Worry Worrying You?

Zelinger, L.E. & Zelinger, J. (2014). Please Explain Anxiety to Me! Simple Biology and Solutions for Children and Parents, 2nd Edition.